Tuesday, September 1, 2009

kid's rooms


  1. I wondered how you did the color on the wainscoting/beadboard in the background of the picture with the teddy in it. Could you give me some tips?
    What other painting techniques have you learned?

  2. There is nothing special about this paint except that I mixed the color myself (I always do that..not too great when you need to touch up later), it is a mixture of a light brown and black. If you want to put an antique glaze over bead board, first apply the base coat, then select a color to go over the top that is slightly darker. Buy clear glaze (at any paint store) and add about 1/3 paint to 2/3 glaze (with more paint if you want the color more dramatic), then apply the glaze with a cloth by hand. It's pretty tedious to get it into all those little grooves, but it turns out pretty nice! I did this in my laundry room just recently, I'll have to post a photo soon:)

  3. you are so talented :) jealous!!! anyway, love the clovar!