Monday, November 30, 2009


Adam and Brittani's Wedding Luncheon at UVU.
All of these black and White decorations were made by hand using paper, mod podge, vinyl and die cuts; I spray painted various frames black so they would match each other.

I made the guest book using a 12x 12 scrapbook

Callie and Tyler's Wedding at the Rexburg Ballroom.

We collected Fall decor items from neighbors homes to bring a warm at-home feeling
to the reception.


  1. Sara,
    The photographer's pictures look amazing. It was truly a MAGICAL day! Thank you for you AMAZING contribution! I e-mailed you more pictures from my camera. Look for them:)
    Love Ya,

  2. Wow! Did you decorate this wedding? That looks amazing!

  3. Kim,
    My neighbor's daughter got engaged and she only had a couple of months to plan everything while in the midst of sending off a missionary, so I offered decorating help. We had so much fun! I can't believe how affordable it was since we borrowed fall home decor from multiple homes.

  4. So fabulous, love your taste.