Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Little Girl Fun

Every Summer we have my niece stay with us which gives us some cousin bonding with one of our favorite cousins and helps my four boys to learn what it's like to live with a girl. This time around (can you tell how behind I am with my posts?), we had so much fun making little girl hair accessories and I embellished/monogramed this fun blanket that I had bought for her. I can hardly believe that soon I will be making fun girly things for my own little girl (due in early January)!!!!!


  1. How neat! Mary Ann did made a cute set of hair bows with a coordinating ribbon to hang them on. It has been a mainstay for us for so long I can't remeber what we did before that. Come to think of it, the kids just broke a laptop with a hair barret, so maybe we need to use that ribbon more =)

  2. Thank you so much for doing this with Abby, she loves you so much! and I do too.