Thursday, January 31, 2013

quick barstool upholstery!

Want to give your kitchen a facelift?
I had 2-toned bar stools which I liked but didn't LOVE...
So I got this stuff: The foam is from Walmart
 (3.75 per seat),
 the vinyl was also from Walmart
 (about $1.00 per seat.
 I borrowed the staple gun
(I really want to buy one for myself though!!!)
  and my sweet Mama
 bought me the fabric
 (you will need about 2 yards or more
depending on how many seats you do). 


I started by cutting the fabric to generously overlap each seat.
Then I decided to tea- stain the fabric to make it look a little more antique-looking.
Simply soak the fabric in black tea (which I don't drink, but use a lot for antiquing fabric!)

After antiquing the fabric I dried it and pressed it.  Next I put  down the foam and the fabric and set the unattached seat down on top and started to staple.  Somewhere I read that you should start stapling in the middle, not the edges.
After completely stapling the fabric tightly around the seat and foam, next add the vinyl.
(I didn't glue my foam to the seat but I have seem it done like that...) 
finally, screw the seat back on the stool.
much better!
I don't even mind when the kids spill on it!!!


Yeah! A kitchen makeover for about $5 per seat!!!!!
(I didn't bother taking pictures of my living room which was a
 complete disaster when I got done...)

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  1. Hi Sara, Cousin Emil here. How fun that you've started a blog! This is so great! Hope you are doing well. I would love to see you sometime, but I just don't know when. Take care!