Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stylish homemade baby bibs

As promised I have finally gotten around to publishing
a tutorial on making stylish homemade baby bibs.
You will need:

*an unused shower curtain
( I bought mine at the dollar store)
*rotary cutter (optional)

*fabric-about the size of an 8.5x11 piece of paper
(Using darker fabric is a plus to hide any stains.)
*Coordinating ribbon

Start by cutting the shower curtain to about
the size
of an 8.5x11 piece of paper. (because my
shower curtain was
thin, I cut three pieces the
same size to make it really sturdy).

Using a small baby bowl or other round object
as a guide, cut out a place for the baby's head.
I didn't like it so round so I changed my shape a bit.
(see below) If you have an old bib it also works
great to use as a guide for cutting.

Place your fabric on top of the plastic and cut
out the neck,
then cut your ribbon
(two pieces 9" long and a decorative piece)

Sew the ribbon to the front of the bib BEFORE
sewing on the
vinyl so that you can go over
it multiple times
(if you sew over the vinyl
multiple times it will weaken it and it may rip).

Sew on the decorative ribbon

Place the front and back of the bib together
and sew it inside out, leaving a space to pull
it back ride-side out (see bottom right corner).

After pulling it back through, sew a stitch
across the bottom and you are done

I have been using mine now for over
a month and it has held up great!

Have fun!


  1. Those are amazing! I'm not sure I could reproduce them, but I am deeply impressed.

  2. "Sara, I am too need to make me one! :) Sooo cute. My baby is expected anytime! "

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  4. gorgeous, I would hate to spill on them! Maybe you can teach me at the family reunion. love you!

  5. absolutely amazing! great fabric, love it!

  6. Stacey, I admit I usually use the vinyl side, but the darker fabric washes up very nicely :)