Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easy Bow Ties!

I have four little boys so I'm always looking for cute matchy things they can wear at church. This year for Easter I decided to make bow ties for all of them. I didn't want to put too much effort into making them since they may end up being worn only once, so I made a really easy version.

Start with 2 coordinating fabrics- Cut a piece of fabric about 6 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches tall. Cut the solid fabric about 1/2 inch larger (or the same size if you dont' want it to show as much). Fold the fabric in half inside out, sew a straight line, then unfold and press it so that the seem is hidden in the back. Repeat this process with the solid color.

Turn the fabric inside out again and sew the two sides leaving a small space to turn back right side out. Repeat this process for coordinating fabric. The two rectangle are now about 5 inches by 2 inches. Next set the patterned fabric over the solid one and hand stitch a small piece to hold the bow together (about 2 inches by two inches, when sewn in

I planned to sew a band for the neck, but my friend suggested adding a hairclip-this was so much faster and easier!

I made a mini-version for my one-year old. Seriously, these were SO fast and easy!

The real magic was getting all of my boys to wear them- especially my husband... :)

If you want to be even more matchy you can make a headband to match your ties.

I didn't even sew this- I just grabbed a piece of fabric and folded it over to make a headband.
I added this flower that my friend taught me to make by ripping a strip of fabric 45 inches by 2 inches then tying a knot at the end and twisting and turning the fabric (gluing it with a glue gun along the way) until it becomes a flower.

So dang cute!


  1. Wow your boys look so cute! I especially love the rose on your headband. Maybe you can share the secret on your next post ;)

  2. That is so charming!

    I must admit, I first thought this looked too girly and creepy in a stepford-family kind of way, but as I scrolled down through the pictures, I saw that I was wrong. It looks very endearing! The fact that your husband joined in (are we using real names?) adds +5 points of awesome.

    You definitely have an eye for design.