Saturday, April 17, 2010

Passport Purse

I just got back from a trip to Venice! It was so amazing. I am planning to post photos soon, but I wanted to post this little purse I designed to carry all of my documents while traveling, it was the best thing ever to have on a foreign trip to keep safe & handy (and stylish) all your most important things.

I am very low-level at crochet, this was actually my first real project. It's very doable. I made the two sides first then crocheted a row to hold them together finishing it off with the handle (a double row).


  1. I'm have a hard time telling from the scale if that is a shoulder loop... I'm guessing it is, and it hangs at about elbow height.

  2. It is a shoulder strap. I should have included a passport in this photo to show that the purse is exactly the size of a passport (or two if you are traveling with someone else :).